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Email Marketing Membership's Annual Pass

Make big waves in your small business with emails that connect + convert.  Get the accountability you need to succeed. All for a price you won't believe. 

ugh email 

Your click + open rates are down. Building your list feels impossible. Everything about email this year is just annoying.

Looking at your Stripe + PayPal is cringe. Things just feel hard right now. It's honestly painful.

Real talk. You simply don’t like how your business is doing. It all feels too complicated and time-consuming.

Business felt really hard in 2023. And emotional. You're not sure what to do to increase revenue.

Content creators. Ecommerce. Service providers. Coaches. 

We're all in the same boat. 

But the "pros" are right. 

Email is still the best way to grow your business. 

(in fact, mine grew by over 50% in 2023 with no ads.)

And after the year you've had, don't you deserve the best?

Don't you deserve to...

... see significant growth in your business?
... keep more of your own cash than Zuckerberg does?

... get clients/sales without freaking out over a forgotten DM?
... just do business a little more simply because life's complicated enough?

And further!!


Don't you deserve to have a little extra support, accountability, and heck, maybe even some recognition every now and then for all this dang work you've done?

(The answer is a big YES, my friend. In case you don't believe that for yourself quite yet, allow me.)

Hi. I'm Liz Wilcox. I can't wait for you to get out of this funk and grow your business. With email marketing, of course.

Aurora Gregory
Speaker + Author

This has helped me fall in love with emailing my list. The tools + templates are fun, inspiring, and so easy to use! Anything that makes my life as a business owner easier is going to make my list of favorite things!

Stephen Hockman
Founder of SEO Chatter

I sold 6 of my signature course ($1297) through EMAIL only. I was blown away that people would invest so much money.

say hi to the Annual Pass 

The Annual Pass is a year's access to my membership-- Email Marketing Membership. (cool name, huh?)

But with the most epic of bonuses. 

When you sign up for a year of the membership, you get access to ALL MY OTHER PRODUCTS FOR FREE. Plus some other awesome goodies to make sure you don't just buy the Pass--you use it.  

The point of the Pass? 

By this time next year, you'll have...


completely reshaped your mind around email (and marketing in general)

learned a whole ton about emails, copywriting, and creating + launching an offer

all the bricks in place to finally feel like your business will go where you want it

spent no more than $108 to do it all.

Even if right now...

no one's joining your email list
getting meaningful replies (that don't drain you) is laughable

click rates are dismal--even when open rates seem decent

the idea of real income from your emails feels less likely than knowing why Will Smith smacked Chris Rock that night

Yep. I'm telling you straight up it'll take about a year. No quick solutions. But also no upsells to some fancy mastermind or private coaching. You're getting it all in this $108 offer. 

This is for you if you don't want to give up. 

If you're tired of buying all the things and still not knowing what to do.

And you're ready to take that ounce of hope and turn it into actions that get real results.

This is for you if you know you need help + support but can't afford the high price tag. 

What's Email Marketing Membership? 

Weekly Newsletter Templates

Writing from scratch sucks. Let me do it for you. One newsletter template a week for a year of consistent emails. Plus access to all previous templates.

Bonus? I do all the strategy for you. We're talking building trust, adding in sales, getting people to click, etc. I know how to do all that/

So just copy, paste, and zhuzh it up for your audience + objectives.

[$30 per template value]

Monthly Live Q+As

My favorite thing! On the 4th Thursday of the month, we hang out for 1-2 hours. I answer any questions you have about email marketing, how I run my business, etc. You can submit questions in advance if you can't make it live.

[$150 per call value]

Email Foundation Trainings

Don't know where to start? Hop over to the Video Library.

Start with The Email Staircase--my signature framework and your email 101 crash course.

Ready to get more subscribers on your list? List Building (without ads!) is going to give you 12+ ideas to get growing.

[$24 value]

Annual Pass bonuses 

AKA: how we're gonna make sure you finally understand email marketing, monetize your list, and get excited again about being in business for yourself.

$1500 in courses + trainings

You literally get every product I've created (or will create next year).

Topics include email metrics, getting people to open + click, building community, launching, memberships, and more.

[$1500+ value]

New for Black Friday 2023

Live Rounds

Don't buy--use! Passholders get access to my most essential courses LIVE w/ built in accountability + rewards for attending and completing:

Welcome Sequences
List Building
Sales Pages
Black Friday

These are the "bricks" you need to lay in order to have a connected and monetized list. So we're doing them all over the next 12 months. Together.

[$800 value]

Rewards System

We could all use a little external help to keep us motivated. Earn points for essential tasks that will help you get better at email marketing.

Rewards include fun stuff like merch and parties... and more practical stuff like copy reviews and 1:1 calls.

[$10-$1000 value]
Monica Sharma-Patnekar
Brand Strategist

For this price, it's an absolute no-brainer! Ongoing access to training on various topics-- from list building, welcome sequences, to launches... again no-brainer.

Bev Feldman
ConvertKit Specialist

I used one of your voting emails on Thursday-- it has an 11.9% CTR. That's by far the highest engagement I've ever had with an email sent to my entire list.

Kris Bolt
faith-based entrepreneur 

Seriously the best money I've EVER spent on my business. My new EMM-style welcome funnel is WAY outperforming anything I previously had--an open rate of 52% and click rate of 21%!

*need all the info?*

I love a human that gets all the information before making a purchase. As a conscious consumer, it just warms my heart. 

Here are all the current programs you get as Passholder inside EMM for just $108.

But wait! All digital products I create in 2024 will also come your way AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Just Presell It ($49) 

Already-written template sequence for selling a product before you build it.

Open Sesame ($49) 

2-hour workshop on how to revive and maintain the health of your email list + get people to open your emails.

Liz Wilcox's Launch Course ($400)

Complete with email templates, tutorials, and activities that help you hone in on how to best explain your product to your ideal customers and let go of other intense, coercive strategies that might keep you clinging to any and every buyer.

Summit Email Success ($149) 

Before, during, and after-the-event email templates for your summit. Designed to get people to show up live + make you All Access Pass sales.

Bankable Black Friday ($100) 

1 hour Black Friday training with Email Sequence Templates.

Building Community w/ Email ($12) 

2-hour workshop on why email is the perfect place to connect with your audience and how to do it so it leads to real connection and cashflow.

Email Metrics that Matter ($49) 

Discover the truth behind that pesky little Apple ios update. Then learn the larger picture of email metrics and which to focus on for success of YOUR business.

Sales Page Training + Template ($100) 

Learn the 3 types of sales pages, how to pick the right one, and get a template for you to plug and play with inside your business.

20 Minute Newsletters ($22) 

An outline to write any newsletter in 20 minutes or less. Complete with voice guide.

who is Liz + why is this so cheap? 

I started back in 2016 as a blogger with no $$$ and limited time. #toddler 

Email literally changed my life. It helped me break out of the poverty cycle and into a whole new world. 

I know in my bones it can help you rise above whatever circumstances you've got going on, too. Yes. Even in this economy.

I'd love to teach you the simple email methods that helped me grow beyond my wildest dreams.

As for the price? I just don't think we should have to choose between life essentials and building a business. Simple as that.

Candace Taylor
Dream Doula
 I used one of the strategies from the last live q+a and got so many (juicy!) replies! I feel so grateful for all that I've learned from you and the membership!

Mike Ganino
Podcast Host

This is probably the best product I’ve purchased in a year. Love it. Sent the July 6th email today — and voila. My list loves me again. Thanks for making something so practical and so helpful.

these are the FAQs...
  • What's the deal with this Passholder thing?
    (takes deep breath)

    Okay. So Email Marketing Membership is $9/month, right?

    As a $9/month member, you get access to
    -one newsletter template a week w/ video walkthrough
    -live q+a once a month
    -quarterly gues expert trainings
    -foundation trainings: List Building + The Email Staircase

    BUT IF YOU BUY A YEAR OF EMM (aka, become a Passholder) for $108.

    You also get access to all my digital products outside of the membership, including any I create while you're a Passholder.

    These include:

    Just Presell It ($49)
    Open Sesame ($49)
    Summit Success Emails ($149)
    20 Minute Newsletters ($22)
    Black Friday Training + Email Sequence ($100)
    Sales Page Training + Templates ($100)
    and more!

    Think of it like Costco. You pay a yearly membership fee and you get access to inside the store. Except in my store, everything comes with that $108 price tag. No more check outs.
  • Point blank. I'm wondering how this can be $108 and actually deliver.
    Like I mentioned a few sections above, email changed my life completely. When I realized I could click a button and make real $$$? I was hooked.

    I know not everyone is going to geek out like I did initially. But I want everyone in on this email marketing thing. So I ran the numbers for my business and set the lowest price I could for profit. Then I packed as much value into the offer (EMM) as possible so you can't help but say "heck, why not?"

    So basically it's $108, not because there's nothing of substance inside, but because I know email seems complicated for a lot of folks and can be a hard sell.

    So I want to make it an easy one for both of us. Boom. $108.

    Inside you'll find foundational trainings if you just need help to get started, weekly templates if getting your newsletter sent is your biggest issue, and even sales templates and marketing trainings for when you're ready to level up in your business.

    ALSO WORTH MENTIONING: This membership has allowed me to retire my services completely and double down on EMM. Building things for and serving those folks who say yes to EMM is pretty much all I ever do anymore. I don't take on client work and I have no private mastermind. I truly spend my days on making this membership magic for you.
  • Email stresses me out AND takes up too much time. Hands down, I just can't do everything it takes to make $$$ with email.
    So here's the deal. When I started my blog back in 2016, I didn't even have internet on my phone. I had to drive around stealing internet from the library + Lowe's parking lots to get my email list up and running.

    I couldn't listen to the traditional "tell stories" and "build funnels" advice out there. I had to create my own way of doing things.

    One that kept it simple as hell. And one that only took about 20 minutes a week.

    And that's what you'll get in this membership. In fact, EMM was designed for someone who hates email. But at the same time, knows that it's a money maker they need to learn.

    I want you to get your newsletter out the door. I want you to learn how email works. I want you to master turning new subscribers into customers.

    And that's what I hand-deliver you every.single.week with the templates and video walkthroughs.

    For real. I take the time to develop the strategy. I show you how to adjust based on your needs. And I write every email mad-libs style so you can take and make it your own every single week.

    And if that's not enough, to really make sure you get what you need...

    You also get a live q+a once a month for personalized feedback, a new member orientation, quarterly marketing experts, and all my foundational trainings.

    With as little stress and as much support as possible.
  • I'm an energy healer/salon owner/tutor/painter/ecommerce/ wicked-unique brand. How the heck is this going to work for me?
    In the words of one of our members...

    "So many marketers market about marketing to marketers (say that three times fast ). I’m so tired of seeing example swipes about selling business services to online coaches. I was really happy to see B2C examples."

    I know it's hard to believe. Probably because it's never really been done before...but yes. Email Marketing Membership will work for you.

    To be frank, I sold my RV travel site for a few reasons but I was really fired up to finally do it because I joined an email program for thousands of dollars (that I'm still paying off btw) that was so b2b2b2b2b2 that it pissed me off. I had been doing my own things for years, much of it the opposite of this person's advice, and seeing better results.

    I knew there was a HUGE audience of people being misguided and left out of the whole "email marketing" discussion. That's why lizwilcox.com was born and where Email Marketing Membership comes in to create templates that actually freaking work for your niche.

    Whether you sell physical products, are a service-based business, own an actual brick-n-mortar, artist selling paintings, whatever!

    In fact, there's a video right here on the sales page that breaks this down and shows you an example.

    You can also email me at admin@lizwilcox.com and I'll send you a sample template. That way you can decide for yourself if it will work.
  • Tell me more about the templates. What are they exactly + how can I use them for ME?
    They’re mad libs style templates where I write the bones of the email — and tell you why you'd send an email like this — and you fill in the details to reflect your business, your style, and your audience.

    If that's not enough, I also write two A+ examples of what the template could look like for further inspo. And give you a 4-6 minute walkthrough of the template to help guide your style.
  • I'm not convinced email marketing is even for me.
    I don't care what kind of business you are in and how much money you are making right now, if you want to make more sales, drive repeat business, and not be at the mercy of paid advertising, then email is for you, baby.

    I know it may seem complicated.
    I know selling in the DMs is getting you fast results right now.
    I know you've got a lot of balls in the air.

    But I also know you're in this for the long run.

    And email is going to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

    That's why EMM exists. Let me do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • I don't have an email list yet.
    No stress. I got you on this one, too.

    When you join, go directly to the List Building Training. It's 90 minutes long and will give you a dozen plus ideas for list building that don't involve ads. THEN head over to the Random Stuff section of the site and there's a welcome sequence just waiting for you to implement for those new leads that will come your way.

    BOOM. You're off to the races.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    This product is a steal of a deal...but it's not for everyone. But due to its digital nature, its low cost, and the fact that you get ALL my products for about .06% of their original cost, I can't offer a refund. HOWEVER...if you email and let me know this isn't for you, you can exchange this product for Liz's highest priced course OR a 30-min 1:1 with Liz. We want you to have what you need to succeed with email marketing and hopefully this seems fair to you, too.

my turn to ask a question...

Where do you want to be in a year from now?

And do you think this Pass can help you get there?

If you're not ready to give up yet and you want to finally make sense of email, get your newsletter out every week, and create cash flow from your subscribers...

Then let's do it! Sign up for just $108! I promise to guide you every step of the way, my friend.

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