Writing newsletters is way hard.

I totally get it. Every marketer right now wants to tell you that your emails should be about telling stories.

But at the end of the day?

You ain't got time to be writing out some 5-paragraph essay with a hook, open loop, and all that other confusing stuff they are always talking about. 

And neither did I.

That's why I created:

20 Minute Newsletters

Your solution to the wth-do-I-write headache that comes with email marketing

20 minutes to write and hit send.

No stories or hard-to-write segues. Just simple newsletters that don't suck. Or suck up your time.

Stop staring at a blinking cursor 

...and start writing newsletters EVERY week, guaranteed to: 

connect + engage w/ your audience so they're left waiting for you email each week instead of ignoring it

get you excited about what happens after you hit "send" instead of making you nauseous about unsubs

make it easier to connect + cash in on the list you've already built

make newsletters a SIMPLE process for you so that it doesn't feel like this huge burden anymore

Here's what you get:

Email outline so you know how to structure every newsletter from here on out

2 videos to show you my exact steps (AKA you'll actually learn how to use the outline)

voice guide that explains how to write like YOU + banish the whole "I used this copywriter's thing and it doesn't even sound like me" thing

17 mins for this week's newsletter! A new record!

I've just written my newsletter in less than 20 mins...Really getting the hang of the structure and also finding my voice in the copy. Thank you!

Anna Hewitt
Career + Leadership Coach
It's saved me hours already...

I literally have 20 Minute Newsletters on my Chrome bookmarks bar. I use it that often, and it has saved me hours already (and resulted in some high-engagement emails). It's easily worth 10x what Liz is charging for it.

Pete McPherson
Blogger + Niche Site Pro


  • 20 minutes? Really?
    You betcha! I know it sounds wild, especially if newsletters are taking you hours (or days) to get done. But if you know nothing else about Liz Wilcox, let it be this: I like to keep things simple.

    And when I created my first business (an RV travel blog), I barely had any time...or internet! I used to have to sneak away to libraries and parking lots to get internet. Which means I had to come up with a WICKED quick way to write a newsletter.

    And that's what I want to give you today.
  • I'm in a very B2C niche. Does this apply to me?
    One hundred percent. I also started out B2C--an RV travel blogger with an audience of mostly men in their 60s.

    Now? This outline has been used by the "typical" content/course creator, local businesses like podiatrists + plumbers, faith-based folks (including a nun and rabbi!) and all that's in between. Oh, and ecommerce too, of course.
  • What's your refund policy?
    If you take a look at this and don't like it, just let me know. I'll refund you the $22. That's just the right thing to do.
  • What is the product exactly?
    Everything promised up top is delivered to you in a Google Doc. That way you can save/bookmark it and have it any time you need it.

    Upon purchase, you'll get an email with a link to that Doc. The outline, videos, and voice guide are all inside the Doc so it's super simple to read and get going.

    After all, this is 20 Minute Newsletters. It wouldn't make sense for me to host a 1-hour training or 10-video course when my main objective is to simplify email and save you time on it!

Stop staring at swipe files and templates that don't make sense for your niche. And start writing emails that are easy to get out the door and work for your long term goals. Quick.

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